Registration and licensing

  • Registration of all kinds of enterprises “turnkey”
  • Reorganization and liquidation of enterprises
  • Registration of foreign investments
  • Receipt of licenses, patents, certificates
Legal disputes

  • Representation in courts on administrative, civil, economic cases
  • Legal aid in criminal cases
  • Legal assistance in cases of administrative offenses
Corporate Law/M&A

  • Preparation and holding meeting of organs of management of enterprise
  • Contract work with corporate rights
  • Development of projects of constituent documents, projects of decisions of organs of management of enterprise
Banking law

  • Accompaniment of agreements from crediting and financing, penalty and restructuring of credits and debt
  • Representation in matters about the penalty of deposits
  • Legal support of cases about confession invalid agreements of credit, bail, mortgage
Real estate, construction

  • Legal support of acquisition and alienation of objects of the real estate
  • Preparation of projects of contracts of tenancy, building contract
  • Registration of title to real property
Tax law

  • Consultations on tax planning and optimization
  • Legal support during tax audit
  • Appealing against a tax-report decision
Legal due diligence

  • Verification of statutory documents of enterprise
  • Analysis of agreements, contracts of enterprise
  • Analysis of disputes, including trials the participant of that is an enterprise
Copyright and intellectual property

  • Registration of trademarks
  • Development and analysis of projects of license contracts
  • Legal support of procedure of defense intellectual property rights
Family law

  • Development of projects of marriage contracts, alimentary agreements
  • Representation in cases of dissolution of marriage (divorce), penalty of alimonies, distribution of general property of the married couples
  • Helping with a child adoption process
Agricultural law

  • Legal support registration of ownership, lease of lot land
  • Consultations on changing the purpose of land
  • Representing clients in land disputes
Contract law

  • Preparation of projects of civil legal and economiс–legal agreements
  • Participation in negotiations during the entering into contracts
  • Preparation of protocols of divergences, letters, claims, answers and other documents
Insurance law

  • Representation for the recovery of insurance benefits
  • Representation in cases of the returning of the amount paid insurance claim (regress, subrogation)
  • Legal analysis of insurance contracts
Labour law

  • Development of projects of labour contracts with workers, collective labor agreements
  • Helping in the receipt of permissions about employment in Ukraine for foreign citizens
  • Representation in cases about renewal at work recovery of compensation for the forced truancy
Inheritance law

  • Legal of support for recognition of ownership of property in order of inheritance
  • Representation in cases of recognition of the testament invalid, recognition of right on an obligatory stake in an inheritance
  • Helping in the appointment of an additional period for the acceptance of inheritance
Housing law

  • Legal support in cases of eviction and recognizing of person such that lost a right for using living quarters
  • Determining the order of using living quarters
  • Legal support in cases of the ousting, about removing barriers in using living quarters
Other services

  • Criminal Law
  • Representing in car accident cases
  • Helping in penalty of moral and material damage
  • Legal support of cases about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation