Labour Law

When carrying out business activity in Ukraine strongly required are the knowledge of and compliance with Ukrainian labour law. Drawing on decades of experience, we provide professional advice, including foreign investors, on the individual and collective employment law at both the establishment of subsidiaries, joint ventures and representative offices, as well as the purchase and restructuring of enterprises.

Services provided in this area include:

• preparation of employment contracts with senior staff;
• preparation of employment contracts;
• preparation and registration of collective agreements;
• application for and obtaining work permits or cards for employees of representative offices, as well as the registration of foreign citizens in the appropriate state authorities (VVIR);
• advice on the organization of enterprise management and limitations of representative office of company director;
• advice on employment matters in the reorganization of enterprises and their elimination;
• advice on legal issues of dismissal, on the initiative of the employer and employee initiative;
• advice regarding the right to change the terms of the contract unilaterally;
• dispute resolution and representation in court;
• assessment of labour relations in the process of checking a company (due diligence).