Legal disputes

Legal company «Lviv legal centre» offers clients legal assistance in protecting their rights and legitimate interests in the courts in administrative, civil, criminal and economic justice. Legal aid is available in the courts of Ukraine, arbitration courts, as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

Court Dispute Resolution:

• provision of oral and written advice on controversial issues;
• implementation of the legal review of documents;
• identification of possible options to resolve the contentious issues in the pretrial order;
• participation in the negotiation of pre-trial settlement of disputes;
• preparation of an agreement on the peaceful settlement of the dispute.

Legal assistance in cases of administrative violations:

• gathering information on the facts, which can be used as evidence in cases of administrative violations;
• collecting, analyzing evidence and determination of the tactics of trial;
• protection and representation of clients in courts in cases of administrative liability;
• appeal against administrative liability client.

Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters:

• protecting the interests of the suspect, accused, victim pre-trial investigation;
• protecting the interests of the victim, accused, convicted, acquitted on all stages of the proceedings in all courts.

Representation in the courts for administrative, civil and economic cases:

• implementation of the legal review of documents;
• collecting, analyzing evidence and determination of the tactics of trial;
• assist clients in the taking of evidence on the basis of a request from lawyers of enterprises, institutions, organizations and information at the enterprises, institutions and organizations with the necessary for the execution of client orders the documents and materials, except that the mystery which is protected by law;
• obtaining written opinions of experts on matters requiring special knowledge;
• preparation and filing of a statement or other procedural documents (applications, complaints) to the court;
• advising clients on the possibility / need to change the subject or cause of action, increasing or decreasing the size of the claim, denial of the claim, the recognition of the suit brought by counterclaim, suspension, closure of the proceedings, leaving the claim without consideration;
• study and analysis of the statement of claim filed against the client, preparation of written objections to the lawsuit, if necessary, prepare and submit a counter-claim;
• representation and protection of the rights and interests of the client in the courts of first, appellate, cassation, including familiarization with the case, obtaining copies of documents, the admission of participation in trials, submission of evidence involved in the study and evaluation of evidence, submission of applications and applications for disqualification of a judge, giving oral or written explanations, the implementation of certain procedural rights;
• receiving copies of judgments, orders, rulings of the court;
• appeal against the decision, rulings of the court in the appeal / appeal procedures, preparation of objections to the appeal / appeal, preparation of applications for review in connection with the exclusive, newly discovered evidence;
• aid in the execution of court decisions in the state executive service at the stage of execution of court decisions.